When surgery is recommened there is understandable anxiety and many questions can arise. Additionally, there are certain routines and preparations that may help you through surgery. For example, the need for blood is dependent upon the type of surgery to be performed. We have taken thousands of families through this process and are committed to supporting our patients and fulfilling their needs. You are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns at any time during this process.

If you are being admitted to the hospital for surgery, you will want to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. For your benefit, the following links will describe and illustrate your surroundings to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

For Adults

Standard Room on Eleventh Floor
INN's dedicated adult Neurointensive Care Unit (NICU)
The Nurse's Station

For Children
Standard Room on Tenth Floor
INN's dedicated pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
  The Nurse's Station
The Playroom

Please make sure that before you are admitted to the hospital you contact us to find out what you will need to bring with you to the hospital.

While at the INN, patients will be able to experience the cutting edge of today's medicine. At INN, the very latest technologies are used to diagnose and treat a wide variety of neurological ailments. While at INN, you may be required to undergo certain diagnostic tests which will help us isolate specific abnormalities as well as prepare for surgery.

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (quicktime VR)


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