The post-operative environment is as important as the surgical. In order to ensure the very best results, we pamper our patients in ICU units and recovery rooms that are second to none. Please view the following quicktime VR elements to experience how INN cares for patients after surgery:

Adult ICU
Adult ICU Station
Pediatric ICU
Pediatric ICU Station
Pediatric Stepdown Room

If your child has been in surgery the surgeon will locate you aftewards to give you a full report on how the surgery progressed. Adult patients will either go to the recovery room or the adult ICU.. Chilren will be taken to the pediatiric ICU. In most cases the breathing tube will be removed in the operating room, however, if you or your child has had surgery on the lower brainstem the tube may be left in place for several days. You or your child will have an IV and, in most cases, a foley catheter (used to drain the bladder of urine) and arterial catheter for monitoring of blood pressure. If your child has had brain surgery, there will be a white bandage on his/her head, possibly with a tube exiting the bandage connected to a small plastic container. This is a drainage device to minimize bloody collection below the skin.

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